2013 Dakar Launched at La Moneda Palace

Dakar 2012
Dakar 2012
Source: Daniel Galleguillos

The 2013 Dakar Rally was officially launched at the La Moneda Palace. It starts on January 5th in Lima, Peru and ends on January 20th in Santiago, Chile.

With the presence of President Sebastian Piñera and the Chilean drivers participating, the organizers presented the stages and said they are already working on the 2014 edition and how Chile will enter into that edition.

“We are in talks about the role that Chile will have next year,” said the director of ASO, the company that organizes the Dakar, Etiene Lavigne.

“It’s early yet. We are concerned with this issue, but our interest is always that new regions gradually take leading roles. We have to keep analyzing to keep this competition interesting for Chileans,” said Under Secretary of Sports, Gabriel Ruiz Tagle .

“Chile has big events like the Dakar, the South American Cups, Copa America and the nomination for the 2019 Pan American Games. In addition, we have a record number of participants,” said President Piñera.

The last competitive stage of Dakar finishes in Limache, Lavigne says that is one way “to share the Dakar more with Chileans”.

“For me it is important to finish in the fifth region, a region that I love,” said Lavigne.

Other countries vying to host the 2014 Dakar are Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Source: La Tercera