Award-winning novel ‘Santiago’s Children’ released in Spanish

Domingo Savio
Leah Weprich with children at Domingo Savio
Source: Leah Weprich


‘Santiago’s Children’ by author Steve Reifenberg was released last week in Chile in Spanish with the title ‘Niños de La Granja’, making it available in the language of the people who inspired it.
The book follows and documents the resilience of several children from the most vulnerable, at-risk population and one of the poorest neighborhoods in Santiago as they navigate childhood through a time of  economic crisis, political upheaval, and uncertainty in Chile in the 1980s.

All of the proceeds of the book sales go to help fund programs for at-risk youth at Domingo Savio Institute, an education project offering a fun and educational space which children can use in a positive way during their free time, thus encouraging them to develop their talents and potential.

Domingo Savio
IFSA TAMIU students
with children at Domingo Savio
Source: IFSA

IFSA Santiago has worked with Domingo Savio, first with a group of TAMIU students, part of a Reading the Globe program, and during the year with Chilean Universities Program students as volunteers. Also, all of the IFSA Santiago students participate in recreational activities there.

One of the IFSA Santiago Chilean Universities Program student volunteers, Alexandra Glancy, said, “I would recommend students to do volunteer work. I loved the experience of being a volunteer at the Domingo Savio Institute. Although I didn’t have to go every week (I had no contract, grades, or anything), I always wanted to go… It allowed me to see another side of Santiago, work with children, and to meet Chileans and foreigners… When I leave Chile, my time there is going to be one of my biggest memories of Chile.”

Source: The Santiago Times