Chacarero, a Chilean Sandwich as one of the 13 Most Amazing Sandwiches the World has to Offer, according to Time Magazine

file_20140828125625 Time Magazine: “The Answers Issue” has released several articles and they said, they “have dedicated an issue to exploration, to a broad, cross-platform look at the fruits of Big Data”. One of those articles talks about The 13 Most Amazing Sandwiches the World Has to Offer and guess what: one of them is Chilean. It is the Chacarero, which has been correctly define as “sliced steak or pork and often topped with tomatoes, chili peppers and green beans”. All of Chileans who have tried this sandwich will tell you that it is amazing! Our invitation is that if you happen to go and find a Chacarero wherever you are, try it! You will not regret it. And if you happen to come to Chile, please let us know! We will tell you where to find the real one!   Written by Paulina López – Program Assistant Santiago Programs. Source: Time –