Chile and the Increase of Ride Biking in the Streets

Nowadays, Chile has become a country were cyclist have taken the streets over. More and more people are riding bikes to commute or just to exercise. That is why, many things are being done to help people who want to ride a bike without having problems with cars, traffic and pedestrians. One of the main activities happens every first Tuesday of every month. Cyclists gather in Plaza Italia, and start a “bikeathon” to manifest their urge to improve cyclist rights.


To know about the bikeathons and other activities and tips: Also, their Facebook page:

In their website, you can find a lot of information about other bikeathons, tips on how to use the bike properly, the implements you need to have and wear, the latest news on laws, and links to websites and pages to help you have and know everything you need.

Also, there is a very good map in Google Maps, which will help you find things like:la bicindad

  • A place to fix your bike (and/or a bike shop).
  • Places with bike racks (supermarkets, drugstores, restaurants, etc.).
  • Public bikes and places to rent one in Providencia.
  • Bike lanes.
  • Gas stations where they have a system to pump up tyres.

If you have a Google account, you can save this map into “my places”. This would allow you to check it from your phone and to come back to the map as many time as you need to. The direct link is:


Besides, there is a complete website that will allow you to know about the proposal for a new law for cyclist, activities (like festivals, demonstrations and exhibitions), health issues related to bike-riding, samples of articles on the press, and finally, tips on how move in the city with a bike.

The link is:

ciclorecreoThe latest news show how every township is trying to improve their benefits to cyclist. Actually, Providencia will install bike racks for almost 1000 bikes, in the main streets and most busy and crowed places. This initiative will start in January, and will be ready by March.

Apart from this, the Government, together with some township, are closing some streets during Sundays, from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. so everyone can ride their bikes, run, or just walk. This activity is known as “CicloRecreoVía” and gives the population the opportunity to spare.

As a conclusion, Chileans are having more and more opportunities to ride bikes safely, and to have activities for the whole family. These will benefit them physically and emotionally, as they will work out and also strengthen their families’ relationships.


Written by: Paulina López