Chile is Third Best Country for Mining Investment

El Teniente, the largest underground copper mine in the world, located near the Chilean city of Rancagua.

The U.S. consulting firm Behere Dolbear has ranked Chile as the third best country in the world for mining investment. The ranking scores seven elements on a scale of 1-10: political and economic systems, social, tributary and bureaucratic elements, levels of corruption and monetary stability. Chile received a ranking of 51 points, only beaten by Australia (57) and Canada (52).

Chile is the world’s largest copper producer, with an estimated 24% of the world’s copper reserves. It is also home to the largest underground copper mine in the world: El Teniente, and the largest open pit copper mine: Chuquicamata, both owned by the state copper company CODELCO.

If you’re interested in mining, on either the business or geological side, considering studying abroad on the Chilean Universities Program in Santiago.

Source: This is Chile