Chile Leads Latin America in PISA Results

The results of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) were revealed yesterday. Chile scored highest in Latin America for the science and reading sections, with an average of 447 and 449, respectively, while it took second place to Uruguay in mathematics, scoring 421 points.

This reflects Chile’s standing in the region, as it is considered to have one of the best education systems in South America.

On the other hand, although Chile lead the Latin American results, it scored below the global average of 501 points in Science, 496 points in Mathematics and 493 points in Reading. This demonstrates a challenge it faces to improve educational quality, one which President Sebastian Piñera’s government hopes to achieve through a new educational reform. However, this reform, which cuts hours of history instruction in favor of language and math, has been harshly criticized by the opposition party and educational leaders.

Source: La Tercera, OECD