Chile Location for International Filming

Chivas Regal
Source: dtrimarchi

Two short films for the Chivas Regal whiskey brand were filmed this year in almost all of the most characteristic landscapes of our country, including the Atacama Desert and the beach of La Serena, in addition to private and recognizable locations such as Fantasilandia, an amusement park.

“Here’s to Twinkle” and “Here’s to Big Bear” are the titles of the two stories directed by Joachim Back, a filmmaker who won an Oscar in 2009 for the short film “The New Tenants “.

In both, we see a group of four friends, who inevitably bring the memory of titles like “The Hangover” – live various adventures, which ultimately aim to filter the values that the brand seeks: friendship, companionship, etc.

These tapes were synthesized and commercial trailers were released around the world, in an ambitious work, but for which Chile had ideal conditions, both the diversity of landscapes as logistics (going from one to another only takes a few hours).

The end result can already be seen on the website of the company.

Source: Emol