Chile Ranked Least Corrupt Country in Latin America

Palacio La Moneda
Palacio La Moneda,
the seat of the president of Chile
Source: ezioman

A new report released by Transparency Internationl places Chile tied with Uruguay as the least corrupt country in Latin America.

According to the study, the country was ranked globally at 20, remaining a leader in the region.

By contrast, Venezuela and Paraguay are still perceived as the most corrupt countries in Latin America.

The 2012 edition of the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of Transparency International (TI) gave an overall ranking with a few variations on the reports of the last two years.

Leading the list are Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand, while Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan appear to be the world’s most corrupt countries.

“After a year during which the focus has been on corruption, we expect governments to take a stronger stance against the abuse of power. Results show that companies continue to pay the high cost of corruption,” said the president of the agency, Huguette Labelle, in a statement.

The German NGO reported that despite increasing public pressure for transparency “from the Middle East to Asia and Europe,” there has been little progress in this regard, or even “setbacks”.

Transparency International, a global reference in the analysis of transparency,  warns in its report that only a third of the 176 countries approve of the study, even though citizen outcry against this disapproval has gained momentum around the world.

This shows that “public institutions should increase their transparency and officials in positions of power should be accountable in a more rigorous way,” said TI.

Source: Santiago Times