Chile stands out as the second most preferred country for tourism adventure by 2014

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According to the list published by the Lonely Planet site, Cape Horn is one of the best routes to get to the Malvinas, for those wishing to experience a mind-blowing experience and navigate in “some of the world’s biggest waves”.

After mountain biking in Avoriaz, on the French side of the Alps, Cape Horn is the second most recommended for an experience of adventure.

“The route Auckland Falkland by Cape Horn is one of the most incredible worldwide navigation channels”, point out.

The list which was published this week, also highlights the annual Marathon in the ice of Antarctica, which is performed at about 20 degrees Celsius below zero, and the 2014, is scheduled from 19 to 23 November, but dates always depend on the weather conditions.


1 Mountain bike in Avoriaz, France

2 Surf at Cape Horn, Chile

3 The Antarctic ice Marathon

4 Swim from island to island in the Sporades Islands, Greece

5. Climb the Mount Baker to ski or snowboarding, Washington, United States

6 Hiking and expedition kayaking on the peninsula of Kamchatka, Siberia, Russia

7 Climbing rocks in the region of Yangshuo, China

8 Surf paddle (SUP) in Dominican Republic

9. Rafting on the mosquito coast, Honduras

10 Carriage ride through the ruins of Ava, Myanmar