Chilean tarantulas become popular pets abroad

Former IFSA Santiago student Hewie Spangenberg plays with a Chilean tarantula in a forest in the south of Chile


If you like the idea of having a fuzzy spider for a pet, but are afraid of getting fatally bitten by a trantula, a Chilean tarantula might be the solution. Chilean tarantulas, known as arañas pollitos (little chicken spiders) are smaller than normal tarantulas and, even better, they are completely harmless. They are native to the mountains in Central Chile, but recently they have become popular as pets overseas, especially in the United States and Europe. The company Andesspiders reports exporting around 20,000 to countries around the world. They are great pets because they only need to eat once a week, don’t make messes or noise and are calm and faithful friends.

For more information, check out this article from This is Chile.

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  1. Rosies are great pets, but I’d hardly call them “faithful friends”. I would never touch mine. They act on instinct and I’d probably get bit in two seconds :p

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