Copper Horseshoe to Revolutionize Equestrian World

How to shoe a horse 2
Soon, copper horseshoes could replace the tradtional iron ones. Via gluemoon on flickr.

A new type of copper horseshoe, developed in Chile, promises to become the preferred type of horseshoe. Copper is only metal whose antimicrobial properties have been certified by the EPA of the United States. Due to these qualities, copper horseshoes will be able to combat bacterias and fungus that attack horses’ hooves, a major problem for horses and their owners.

The state-owned copper company CODELCO partnered with Chilean equestrian company Kawell to develop the new horseshoe. The Universidad de Chile also conducted research that concluded that the alloy developed by Kawell produces fewer vibrations than a traditional iron shoe, and wears down slightly slower.

Copper’s ability to be flexible yet return to its original shape will help avoid leg injuries in horses as well.

SOURCE: This is Chile