CUP Students Visit Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

CUP Students and the Port of Valparaíso

CUP Santiago students visited the city of Valparaíso. They learned about the importance of the port to Chile through a guided boat tour. The port of Valparaíso was recently ranked as the busiest port in Chile, and the 13th busiest in Latin America.

They also learned about the rich culture in Valparaíso, which was founded by immigrants and at one point was one of the most important cities in South America.

Students visited two of the most iconic cerros (hills) of Valparaíso, Cerro Alegre y Cerro Concepción, whose architecture and street art are protected by UNESCO. Students could appreciate the immigrant influence by visiting the English Anglican Church and the German Lutheran Church, as well as see different architectural designs.

In the afternoon, they visited Valparaíso’s sister city of Viña del Mar. They visited a park that used to be the gardens of the founders of the city and spent time relaxing at Reñaca beach.