“Globalization and the indigenous movement; the Ecuadorian case”

2013-09-10 15.52.13

On September 10th, the lecture “Globalization and the indigenous movement; the Ecuadorian case” that was organized by The Institute for Study Abroad-Bulter University and the School of History and Social Studies of Universidad Arcis, took place.

The lecture was given by Pablo Dávalos, Ph.D. in Economics and teacher of Universidad Católica de Ecuador. The event had the participation of IFSA-Butler staff, History teachers of Universidad Arcis, students of the program and some other guests.

The lecture considered current problems related to indigenous people in Ecuador, but also in other countries of South America. It also covered topics like territory, production and time, all amazingly connected to the main theme.  During the lecture, guests had the opportunity to make questions and to comment on the topics, just as Pablo Dávalos, the lecturer, specified at the beginning of it.
It was a very interesting and clear talk on what indigenous people mean to all the countries and their people’s appreciations.
All the guests enjoyed the event and would consider another opportunity to continue talking about these topics.