Parque Quinta Normal is chosen as one of the 30 most beautiful

The magazine Travel + Leisure described it as “a little appreciated jewel” within the city. The list also highlights locations such as the Golden Gate of San Francisco and the Park Güell in Barcelona.


The magazine also stresses that the museums located in this space are “ideal for the family, including the science and Technology Museum and the Museum of the railroad, with 14 steam engines”.

And it also stressed the possibility of “rowing in the lake or look at the pines, Babylonian willows and other trees dating back to the origins of the Park, as a nursery of species imported in the 1840s”.

“The Quinta Normal was one of the first parks in America to be built with the vision of public park.The guidelines of the Republican landscape of our country are reflected and is a luxury that someone see what this public space makes to the city of Santiago in his composition” said Teodoro Fernández, architect in charge of the redevelopment of the Park.

Within this list, appear parks as emblematic as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the Park Güell in Barcelona, the Central Park of New York City, the Ueno of Tokyo and the Chapultepec of Mexico, among others.