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US scientists cloned human stem cells for the first time

A group of scientists from the University of science and health in Oregon, USA and Primate Research Center managed for the first time the cellular reprogramming in people.


A group of U.S. researchers, led by the scientist Shoukhrat Mitalipov, managed for the first time to clone human stem cells, being the largest so far in the matter advance from the cloned sheep Dolly.

Though the authors have said that the new development is not copy people,  the new achievement of science has as one of the purposes restore damage from diseases such as Parkinson’s, multiple escleorosis, heart disease or spinal cord injury.

“It is believed that stem cell therapies hold the promise to replace cells damaged by injury or disease”, reported the University of Oregon.

“A careful examination of stem cells taken by this technique demonstrated the ability of becoming just like normal embryonic stem cells, several different cell types, including neurons and heart cells, liver cells. In addition, because these cells are programmed again they can generate nuclear genetic material from a patient, so there is no concern of transplant rejection”, explained Dr. Mitalipov.

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Sports Illustrated Chooses the Atacama Desert for Photo Shoot

Atacama Desert
Atacama Desert
Source: rewbs.soal

Thanks to its special beauty and unique features, the Atacama Desert has become a privileged witness to global events. While in 2008, the vacant north of the country was chosen as the location for the James Bond film “Quantum of Solace”, this year was the second consecutive in which the Dakar Rally crossed the dunes and arid areas that shape the driest place on the planet .

Recently, the complex and striking desert landscapes took in the sexy supermodel, who quietly moved into the area to do a private photo session, which will be seen in Sports Illustrated, the world’s best selling sports magazine. But not only that,  it will be published in the year’s most anticipated edition: the swimsuit special, the “Swimsuit Edition”.

The models who visited Chile include  Irina Shayk, Daniella Sarahyba, Julie Henderson, and Brooklyn Decker, also known for being the partner of American tennis player Andy Roddick.

For this session, they chose locations in San Pedro de Atacama and the geysers of El Tatio, both locations to be visited by the IFSA Santiago Chilean Universities Program students this semester on their program excursion to the north of Chile.

Source: thisisChile

La Vega Central of Santiago is Chosen Within the World’s Foremost Culinary Markets

Spices at Vega Central
Spices at Vega Central
Source: chileaktiv

The prestigious American magazine Saveur elected La Vega Central within the 100 world’s foremost culinary markets.

“The Saveur 100” highlighted La Vega Central as the best place in the country to learn about and fall in love with the universe of Chilean food .

The publication also highlighted the diversity of recipes, ingredients, and the existence of multicultural people. The text mentions special casseroles, buns and tamales.

Undersecretary of Tourism Jacqueline Plass said that “The United States is one of the 10 markets we have defined as priorities for promoting tourism in our country abroad. During the past year, 180,000 Americans came to Chile, and grew 5% compared to 2011. Regarding foreign exchange earnings, generating a revenue of close to U.S. $ 358.4 million per year. ”

For Andrea Wolleter, General Manager of Tourism Chile, the institution responsible for planning and implementing the strategic plan for tourism promotion abroad, “work in partnership with private companies and tourism services in international markets enables us to be more effective and optimize the international promotion budget. ”

Source: Emol

Chilean Director Sebastián Silva Triumphs at Sundance with “Crystal Fairy”

Sebastián Silva
Sebastián Silva at Sundance Film Festival 2009
Source: qbac07

With “Crystal Fairy”, Sebastián Silva confirmed his reputation with Sundance in 2009 after his film “La nana” won the Jury Prize in the international section and actress Catalina Saavedra received an award for her performance in the film.

“Crystal Fairy” tells the psychedelic road trip through the interior of Chile of two youths with opposite personalities.

The Independent Film Festival Sundance began on January 17th in Park City, Utah, and officially closed its doors after projecting 119 feature films, including 51 works by young directors.

Source: Sundance Film Festival 2013

Festival of Arts in Valparaiso, Chile

Source: piscochile / Hugh Honeyman

In the late ’40s, the Italian Renato Carosone became one of the most famous pop composers of the postwar, mixing swing with jazz, rock and roll, and even the mambo, revolutionizing the neapolitan song. Sixty years later, a group of Italian and Spanish musicians gives new life to the melodies. They are the Carosones, a sextet that has become popular in Europe thanks to their original versions of Tu vuo fa l’ americano o Maruzzela, and on Saturday, the 26th of January, they will convert the Osmán Pérez Freire Auditorium, of Valparaiso, in a ballroom of the 50s.

The international show is one of the highlights in the more than 70 free activities in dance, theater and music this year brought by the Third Festival of Arts of Valparaiso, organized by the Council of Culture and in 2012 brought together more 40,000 people.

The event begins on Thursday, January 24th, at 9:00pm, in the remodeled Severin Library, opposite the Simon Bolivar Plaza, with a concert by Cuban jazz pianist Aldo Lopez Gavilan, Latin Grammy nominee, with saxophonist Roberto Martinez and singer Francesca Ancarola. While on Saturday, January 26th, the Transatlantic Assembly will present, where more than 40 musicians will share the stage with artists such as Nano Stern and Chinoy, in Auditorium Guillermo Bravo.

The auditorium of Duoc UC will host dance: on Friday, January 25th, work mixed with contemporary movements and music of Amy Winehouse and Pink Floyd.

The theater will also fill several port areas with successful productions such as “Extranjero”, the latest from the Patogallina group, who will be at Cerro Mariposas on Friday January 25th; the Onirus Theatre Company takes Altazor, passenger of his destination, based on the poem by Vicente Huidobro, presented the same day in Osman Perez Frerire Auditorium, and the Patriotico Interesante company will mount “La victoria de Victor”, based on the life of singer Victor Jara, outdoors in the Plaza Echaurren on Saturday, January 26th.

The event ends on Sunday, January 27th with a “city concert”, the Spanish Llorenc Barber, renowned for developing musicals in 150 cities worldwide, who will use different urban elements for sound intervention.

Source: Santiago Times

Sundance Festival Starts with Big Stars and a Large Chilean Delegation

Sundance Film Festival 2013
Sundance Film Festival 2013
Source: redtouchmedia

Despite being an independent film festival, Sundance has always had a lot of stars, so this edition, in Park City, confirms: Juliane Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Amanda Seyfried, and Daniel Radcliffe are some of the stars to parade down the red carpet.

The meeting also marked an unprecedented Chilean presence with four films in the competition: “No”, “Future”, “Magic, Magic” and “Crystal Fairy”.

After clinching the Special Jury Prize in 2009 for “The Nanny”, Chilean Sebastián Silva returns to the international competition of Sundance with the road movie “Crystal Fairy” starring Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffmann . Silva also released his other film “Magic, Magic” in the Midnight category. Chilean Alicia Scherson also debuts “The Future” the story of two orphaned brothers inspired by the novella “Una novelita lumpen” by Roberto Bolaño.

Source: Santiago Times

First LAC-EU Academic Summit to be Held in Chile

View of Santiago from Cerro San Cristóbal
Source: Joel Mann

Representatives from more than 200 universities and research centers in Europe and Latin America will be present at the First LAC-EU Academic Summit starting January 22nd, 2013, at the main campus of Universidad Central de Chile.

This was announced officially by the rectors of the universities that make up the Chilean Organizing Committee. “That scholars have taken the initiative to join this global gathering of leaders is very important, because it will allow us to contribute from our perspective on issues that heads of state have defined as critical for the development of our continent,” said the former Secretary of Education and representative of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Raúl Allard.

He recalled that the product of this first Academic Summit will be concrete proposals to improve higher education, research in science and technology and innovation.

Meanwhile, the rector of Universidad Central, Rafael Rosell, said that this campus “is proud to host this Summit and its worldwide academic representatives, fulfilling its mission to serve the country by contributing to the creation of public policies that help improve education for future generations. ”

For the first time, the Summit expands to incorporate similar parallel meetings of representatives of the legislative, judicial, and civil society, represented by scholars at Universidad Central and whose conclusions will be embodied in the Declaration of Santiago that 60 delegates will sign.

Source: CELAC-EU

Viña del Mar is the Best City in Chile to Live and Work, Says Study

Viña del Mar
Viña del Mar
Source: Hector Garcia

A survey was released by the consulting firm Visión Humana in conjunction with the Universidad de Desarrollo (UDD) for the third version of the Barómetro Marca Ciudad study, which revealed that Viña del Mar was named the best city for living and working in Chile , after interviewing 1,500 households.

According to Carolina Mardones, dean of the School of Communications at UDD, the trend is explained because Viña del Mar is “highly regarded in functional aspects (…) but at the same time is well evaluated on the quality of life that is available to people who live in that area and the attractions presented to people who come to the city to visit. ”

Meanwhile, general manager of the study, Patricio Polizzi, said that the city “is characterized by a kind of integrity of all attributes”, which makes it an appetizing place to live.

The city Viña del Mar won 53 percent of the preferences, followed by La Serena, Valparaíso, Concepción and Valdivia. Viña del Mar beat Santiago as the most attractive place to work, getting 49 percent of preferences versus 47 percent for the capital.

Source: Santiago Times

Forbes Ranks Chile as the Country with More Economic and Personal Freedom in Latin America

Source: Rvalenz

Chile is the country with the best Latin American freedom index. That was the conclusion reached by the Canadian Fraser Institute, an organization that since 1996 has indexes on this topic.

The sample featured two factors to measure: economic and personal freedoms and analyzed 123 countries in 2002-2008.

In the case of Chile, the score on personal freedoms reached 8.2 and in the economic sector reached 7.99 surpassing the United States in the business index at 7.93. This allowed Chile to occupy the 16th spot with a score 8.12 in the total index of human freedom.

In Latin America, Venezuela ranks as the worst evaluation, with an index of 5.42 in the sample occupying position  106 of the 123 countries surveyed. Chile is followed by Costa Rica to get 8.05 on the index and ranks 20th.

In the publication, the cases of Uruguay (22) and Brazil (50), Brazil beats Chile in personal freedom (8.5) but economic freedom far behind (6.18). Same case of Uruguay in the themes of personal freedom reaches 9.4, but in commercial terms totaling 6.67 only reaches 8.03.

The country that led the world ranking was New Zealand with a score of 8.73 nearly tripling the worst of the sample, Zimbabwe with 3.38.

This is the first edition of this ranking which points to measure freedom of people encompassing both economic and social factors.

Source: Forbes

Los Angeles Times Chooses Chilean Cinema as Highlight of 2012

No the Movie
No the Movie
Source: flowers and cream

At the level of international festivals, there is no doubt that 2012 was a good year for Chilean cinema. The performances in films like De jueves a domingo, No, El año del tigre or Carne de perro, confirmed the new status that local cinema has abroad, endorsed in prizes, and good reviews.

But the final confirmation came from the Los Angeles Times, who in an article titled “The independent film breakout stars of 2012”, highlighted the local cinema as a movement “that displays a new and fresh sensibility. “The article written by Mark Olsen says that in previous years the cinema of Romania, Iran, South Korea and Argentina created interest in a handful of original movies, but that the last season was Chile’s turn.

“Now there is an abundance of exciting films from Chile, including No, of Pablo Larraín, Bonsái, of Cristián Jiménez, Joven y alocada, of Marialy Rivas y De jueves a domingo, of Dominga Sotomayor. All these films combine personal politics with wider social forces. Departing from the long shadow of the military government, the work of these filmmakers were inspired by a sense of freedom and renewal, “said the publication.

Los Angeles Times points out that the U.S. is expected to premiere the new film by Sebastián Silva at the Sundance Film Festival. The publication also featured young filmmakers like Ezra Miller and Mark Duplass.

For this 2013, the festival attention on local films will be on Cristal Fairy and  Magic, magic, of Sebastián Silva, Gloria, of Sebastián Lelio, El futuro, of Alicia Scherson, or La once, of Maite Alberdi.

Source: Los Angeles Times