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US scientists cloned human stem cells for the first time

A group of scientists from the University of science and health in Oregon, USA and Primate Research Center managed for the first time the cellular reprogramming in people.


A group of U.S. researchers, led by the scientist Shoukhrat Mitalipov, managed for the first time to clone human stem cells, being the largest so far in the matter advance from the cloned sheep Dolly.

Though the authors have said that the new development is not copy people,  the new achievement of science has as one of the purposes restore damage from diseases such as Parkinson’s, multiple escleorosis, heart disease or spinal cord injury.

“It is believed that stem cell therapies hold the promise to replace cells damaged by injury or disease”, reported the University of Oregon.

“A careful examination of stem cells taken by this technique demonstrated the ability of becoming just like normal embryonic stem cells, several different cell types, including neurons and heart cells, liver cells. In addition, because these cells are programmed again they can generate nuclear genetic material from a patient, so there is no concern of transplant rejection”, explained Dr. Mitalipov.

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